Energy Efficiency


Say hello to one of the most energy efficient wall systems on the market. The OneStep Building System achieves superior energy efficiency through a combination of high R-values and high thermal mass in conjunction with the elimination of moisture, air, and heat conduction through the wall.



The high R-value is obtained from usage of two inches of rigid insulation plus an inside air film obtained from the one-inch weep cavity. The system uses either a foil-faced polyisocyanurate insulation insert or an expanded or extruded polystyrene insert, depending on what thermal characteristics the designer requires. This configuration provides a continous insulation blanket throughout the wall assembly.


Thermal Mass

To the inside of this insulation blanket is the 6" wide structural cavity, which is filled solid with concrete. The union of the concrete with the interior masonry face shell creates a solid mass 7-1/2" thick and gives the wall a very high thermal mass value. When the steady state R-value (from the insulation insert and inside air film) is combined with the thermal mass value, an overall thermal efficiency of R-20 to R-26 is achieved. In many parts of the country where climate conditions are ideal, even higher R-values can be realized.


Thermal mass, also known as heat capacity, can be defined as: wall weight per square foot multiplied by specific heat of the materials. The advantage of a wall system with significant thermal mass is the ability to temper internal temperature variations, despite swings in the external temperature, by delaying or reducing the effects of these swings. The resulting regulated interior temperature puts less strain on energy consuming HVAC systems, saving the owner money on utility bills and keeping a cleaner, greener Earth.


Thermal Bridging

Also, by replacing the webs and cells of traditional concrete block with the plastic connectors and foam insulation, no direct thermal path exists in a OneStep unit. The plastic connectors, foam insert, and weep cavity create a formidable moisture barrier inside the wall, further enhancing the efficiency of the OneStep Building System.

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"We used our air conditioner a total of four hours the entire summer! During our summer hot spells we had temperatures of 90 to 100 degrees, yet when I came into the church early Sunday morning to prepare the buliding for services, the temperature of the sancutary was a comfortable 74 degrees. The OneStep Building System is really working well for us."