An exciting new building product like OneStep means a number of new possibilities - but it also means  new questions. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the OneStep Building System.


Q: What does CFMU stand for?

A: CFMU stands for Concrete Form Masonry Unit (OneStep).


Q: Is the OneStep unit like an ICF (Insulated Concrete Form)? If not, how do they differ?

A: OneStep and ICF are similar in that they are both 'Form' systems, and both have

built in insulation. However, the OneStep system is superior to ICFs in many ways.

OneStep units are finished interior and exterior when they are installed, ICFs are

foam interior and exterior, and thus require additional materials and labor to finish

(which means they have a much higher per square foot cost for most finishes).

OneStep units have thermal mass to the interior, whereas ICFs have insulation

between the buildings interior and the concrete mass- thus OneStep units have far

greater energy heating/cooling savings, and can utilize a smaller HVAC system

which means lower up front costs. OneStep units have a built in air/weep cavity and

thus have vastly superior resistance to moisture and water penetration through the

building envelope.


Q: Will the units arrive on the job site completely assembled or will the mason have to assemble them in the field?

A: The units will arrive completely assembled with the insulation installed. However, a mason can easily snap on a face shell in the field if necessary.


Q: What is the STC Rating?

A: The STC Rating is 60+


Q: What sizes of units are available?

A: The OneStep unit is available in 4" high units with 16" long faces, with a through-wall thickness of either 12" or 16"; or 8" high units with 16" long faces, with a through-wall thickness of either 12" or 16".


Q: What shapes are available?

A: The OneStep wall system consists of all of the shapes needed to complete a typical installation application, which are as follows: L-Corner units, Full Stretchers, 1/2 and 3/4 Stretchers, Full and Half Jambs.


Q: Is the OneStep Building System load bearing?

A: Yes, the OneStep system is structurally the same as a reinforced, cast in place concrete wall.


Q: What finish options are available for the OneStep unit?

A: All standard finishes are available. Specialty finishes are also available (please contact us regarding particular finishes that you may desire).


Q: What is the installed Cost?

A: The average installed cost of OneStep walls vary from $22 per sq ft to $38 per sq ft, depending upon unit size, color, texture, local labor rates, and shipping.


Q: What product should I use to clean and/or seal the product?

A: The recommended products for cleaning and sealing OneStep are Custom Masonry Cleaner and Custom Masonry Sealer.

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"The use of the OneStep system just makes good sense. The product has less weight than traditional masonry and is easier to install and will definitely provide the performance our clients are seeking."

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