Below are statements about the OneStep Building System highlighting features that make it stand out against other competitive methods of wall construction:

- OneStep walls have the strength of Reinforced Cast-In-Place Concrete

- Numerous university studies have concluded that Reinforced Cast-In-Place Concrete

provides the best protection against severe wind loads

- The Federal Government has determined Reinforced Cast-In-Place Concrete to be the

best building material for blast resistant construction

- After 9/11, the Pentagon building was retro-fit with reinforced Cast-In-Place Concrete

- Able to withstand extreme wind loads

- Excellent bullet and blast resistance

- Four Hour Fire Wall Rating



Although a wall built with OneStep looks like a masonry wall, the workhorse of the wall is the concrete fill and steel reinforcement bars in the inner wall cavity.


Recent wall-panel flexure testing of OneStep wall panels at the National Concrete Masonry Association's test lab facility in Herndon, Virginia revealed that 12" CFMU wall panels (with the resulting 7 1/2 inch concrete mass) are as strong as comparable cast-in-place concrete walls.


The OneStep wall used in the panel test had the following material properties

(based on tests, as per ASTM C90, C140, and C426):

Unit Comprehensive Strength (psi)  5100

Absorption (pcf)  8.9

Density of face shells (pcf)  131.1

Linear Drying Shrinkage (%)  0.031

Mortar Compressive Strength (type S pcl) (psi)  3253-3457

Grout compressive Strength (psi)  3520-3610

Grout Slump (in.)  10

Masonry Prism Compressive Strength (f'm)

Ungrouted (psi)  3247

Grouted (psi)  2821


Calculated via allowable stress method, maximum axial load values for a non-reinforced CFMU system for an 11-5/8" CFMU wall panel (with the standard 7" structural member) based upon 1.5" of eccentricity from the centeroid of the structural section to point of load application; axial loading only- no lateral loads.

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The OneStep Building System provides the security and strength of cast-in-place concrete and includes hurricane straps which anchor the roof trusses securely to the concrete, which provides tremendous wind resistance.

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